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The combination of a horror movie and a video game, let yourself carried into the story!

A story of murder, demons and lost souls. The eternal struggle between good and evil. Based on an original story you'll test the fear in the shoes of a teenager trapped in a temporal limbo, between present and past. You interpret the main characters of the story and try to return to the reality of your life. Escape from demons, solve puzzles, live the past of lost souls inhabiting these rooms and try not to become one of them.

Your adventure begins wearing the clothes of a teenager challenged by friends to enter the interior of an abandoned mansion, famous for being in the past the theater of heinous crimes according to the beliefs and popular rumors.
The teenager, that's you too, once inside, will find himself trapped in the plot. His attention, however, falls on a diary with missing pages, he begins to read the script and feels the need to search the missing sheets. In fact, on each fetched page, there is a picture that depicts a scene.
Falling into an involuntary sleep he enters into an alternative environment in which he shalt come in symbiosis with the protagonist of the scene, finding himself as the main character of the events of the past. Therefore he will relive the events, playing different roles from time to time, the grandfather, the killer, the disappeared girl, the police etc.
These moments of the videogame allow you to recover objects and information that will make you continue along the main plot, you will be immersed in a creepy world, specifically designed to raise your level of suspense.

There are many environments and some of them are reproductions of real places.

The Noble Mansion

The Circus

The Medieval Town ( Viterbo Italy )

The Cemetery

The Forest

Playing the role of the child, you will live the present, his and your current reality that is years after the events narrated in the diary but that gradually melt each other, bringing yourself interacting with environments , situations, objects and characters, some friendly and others unfriendly. The aim is to bring the player to identify himself into the story and to live that as if it were your own.
This confusing between reality and dream, at first two different things, will cause a state of unconsciousness, which is no longer given perceive the time and space, bringing the user to experience a unique gaming experience in its genre, where you have to explore the environment, trying not to make you fit in situations with no way out, find objects, solve puzzles, and of course...to live the stress generated by the events.

The ultimate goal is of course...top secret

Therefore, Cruentis ia a videogame that combines the suspence of a survival horror, the feeling of adventure and discovery of and a graphic fling game in first person, all supported by a story that will allow you to relive the "Bloodstained" events behind which intertwines the plot.

The game will leave you in suspence from the beginning to the end, with moments of apparent calm alternating with others of excited terror, thanks to sudden twists and changes of rhythm, in conclusion, will not be granted any distraction or relaxation.

  • Single player
  • Interprets different characters between protagonists and antagonists to advance the story
  • Realistic environment
  • Reproductions of real places
  • Original sound track
  • Multi player (in development)

Ebook EN https://indd.adobe.com/view/a5b19853-90cb-4139-a644-47627698e380
Ebook IT https://indd.adobe.com/view/8bdf5aa3-1215-4949-8a3d-226df9569212

Cruentis is a product of the Anunnaki Indie Ltd. in developing

Published Dec 02, 2016
StatusIn development
TagsDark, First-Person, Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityBlind friendly